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Have you ever seen these green men? Do you know what they are used for? In the event of an evacuation, lighting and safety markings are essential. They can save lives by providing those present with a guide to exit in complete serenity. The goal is to guarantee a fast, effective and automatic lighting even in case of power failure. Aprotec has been an expert in this field for over 60 years. So trust us for your safety!



The Batochime, inaugurated in 1995, is the chemistry building located on the campus of the University of Lausanne. It hosts chemists and mathematicians from EPFL, the Faculty of Criminal Sciences from the University of Lausanne and a library.The facades of the building are made of concrete and oak wood. The architecture of the building was largely inspired by shipbuilding and carried out by the architects Guy Collomb, Marc Collomb, Patrick Vogel from the Cube workshop in Lausanne as well as by the architect Ivo Frei from the Niv-O workshop in Lausanne.The emergency lighting concept for this building is based on energy cabinets.We custom made these power cabinets so that we didn’t have to modify the building’s existing wiring. Savings on installation are very important with this kind of concept.High-quality, high-performance luminaires with a precise choice of lenses allowed us not to have to add luminaires in relation to the basic locations and also to have a sufficient quantity of light according to the new standards.


Aprotec wishes you a safe year 2022!


Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho… Aprotec wishes you a safe Merry Christmas. Here are some important tips from the fire prevention information center to help you have a good holiday season: TIPS FOR CANDLES-always extinguish candles before leaving a room and never leave burning candles unattended.-use LED candles and LED string lights as they are safer than wax candles.– do not light the candles when the tree they garnish is dry.-make sure the candles are firmly attached and straight on your Advent wreath or Christmas tree.-change the candles before they are completely consumed.-pay particular attention to candles when children or pets are present in the room. Never let children play unsupervised near lighted candles.– do not install the tree near heating appliances or a fireplace.-make sure the tree is far enough away from textiles, decorations and any other flammable object.– make sure that the tree is stable on its foot so that it cannot fall over. Fill the stand with water and pour up to two liters of water every day to keep your tree hydrated longer.– take special care when you and your loved ones unwrap gifts. Often the wrapping paper is caught in the flames of the candles.Provide a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher near the Christmas tree.bfb-cipi.ch


Aprotec guides you in the dark.

Aprotec guides you in the dark when all other lights are off!Our high intensity photoluminescent plates fully meet European standards. These plates offer a light intensity (after switching off the light emitting source) 40% higher than the requirements of the AEAI standards.



Be careful with Advent wreaths… Candles are one of the most frequent causes of house fires. Here are some tips to avoid disasters with Christmas approaching: TIPS FOR THE ADVENT WREATH– Place the Advent wreath on a non-combustible support.– Make sure it is far enough away from textiles, decorations and any other flammable objects.– When your Advent wreath is dry, do not burn it in your fireplace, but throw it away.– If the Advent wreath catches fire, you can put it out quickly with a fire blanket.bfb-cipi.ch


bee spring

The hive sponsored by Aprotec gave delicious honey this year! What a privilege to be able to discover the profession of beekeeper as a team and to taste a local honey from Choulex. Find all the information on the website: www.printempsdabeilles.ch



Aprotec works hand in hand with the construction trades to enforce prevention standards on each site and for each building.


A successful outing for the Aprotec team!


The best escape route

Whether for a commercial arcade, a museum, an administration or a hospital, Aprotec works hand in hand with building professionals and designs the best escape route with them.

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