Agence BCGE Florissant – Genève

Type of building:
Bank branch
Banque Cantonale de Genève
Route de Florissant 66, 1206 Geneva
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

The transformation of the BCGE branch on Route Florissant is part of the Geneva bank's plan to modernize its branches. The aim of this work was to enhance the reception of clients both in terms of comfort and the services provided by the advisers. More reception rooms were made available for personal interviews. A renewal of the dispensing machines has also been undertaken in order to make withdrawals and transactions even more secure and faster. BCGE has joined forces with the AMC architectural firm to reproduce an architectural line in all their branches.

Emergency lighting concept

The emergency lighting system of this agency consists of a stand-alone system Our lighting works continuously In case of a power failure, the emergency function takes over thanks to a battery placed inside. The special feature of this installation is the architectural concept. Rails from the manufacturer ERKO were installed in the ceiling and our luminaires were adapted to fix them on. The result is a very efficient yet discreet light, as the fixtures were placed in the space between the false ceiling and the wall.
All our lights use LED technology. This technology allows us to offer long life and low energy consumption installations, in line with the expectations of our time and the desire to provide environmentally friendly products.

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