BAM Lancy

Type of building:
Public administration building
City of Lancy
Route du Grand-Lancy 41, Grand-Lancy
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

Placed in the park, which has been classified as a historical monument for almost a century, the new building of the Lancy Town Hall connects the two levels of this recreational area. The entrance on the lower ground floor provides access to the wedding hall, the public part of the building. The entrance on the upper level of the park leads to the administrative area where various departments of the municipality are located, such as the finance and culture departments. A parking lot with a capacity of 60 spaces and with the possibility to expand in the future, has been designed in the basement. Several concepts were used in the construction to meet the standards of the Minergie label. Large openings in the facade allow for a generous supply of natural light, thus reducing lighting costs.
Photovoltaic and thermal panels were installed on the roof. A double flow system heats the air during cold periods. In summer, free cooling slabs and natural ventilation allow the building to be cooled when the outside air is lower than the ambient air.

Emergency lighting concept

The emergency lighting system used in this construction is based on the use of a single energy cabinet in the basement. It supplies the 4 upper floors, the stairwell, the parking lot and the archive room. On each floor above, power is distributed through two relay boxes. Throughout the floors, there are about forty lighting cubes and about twenty spotlights, embedded or visible, to indicate the escape route in case of evacuation or network failure In accordance with current standards, the disabled toilets have also been equipped with emergency lighting.
All our installations use LED technology. This technology allows us to offer long life and low energy consumption lighting, in line with the expectations of our time and the desire to provide environmentally friendly facilities.

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