Police building – Granges-Paccot

Type of building:
Public administration building
State of Fribourg
Chemin de la Madeleine 3, 1763 Granges-Paccot
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

The new building for the Fribourg police force now brings together the central services, the command of the cantonal police and the command of the gendarmerie in a single location. Its wooden structure is built around concrete cores and the facade is composed of an aluminum metal covering. Wooden joists support the floor and ceilings throughout the floors. This heavy use of wood maintains acoustic comfort and creates a peaceful atmosphere inside the building. The architect allowed the occupants a great deal of freedom in their appropriation of the space; the cafeteria on the first floor was nevertheless precisely defined.

Emergency lighting concept

The backup system for this building is based on the use of two energy cabinets. They support more than 150 devices in case of a power failure. . Half of them are lighting flags, most of which were directly installed during the construction of the walls and facades. The remainder are spotlights that provide continuous lighting or light in the event of a power failure. Throughout the building there are also several portable lamps and about 30 photoluminescent marker plates. All our installations use LED technology. This allows us to offer long-lasting and energy-efficient devices, in line with the expectations of our time and the desire to provide environmentally friendly products.

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