RTS Lausanne – Maison de la Radio – Lausanne

Type of building:
Administrative and multimedia building
Av. du Temple 40, 1010 Lausanne
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

Emblematic building in the heights of Lausanne built during the inter-war period in 1934. The Maison de la Radio, as the people of Lausanne used to call it in the past, gathers since the beginning of the century both the productive and the administrative part of what was the RSR. This regrouping of the Geneva and Lausanne infrastructures in a single location has resulted in the building being extended by two additional floors and the transformation of studio nr. 1. In 2010, in order to comply with current standards, work to bring fire safety into conformity had to be undertaken on the 11 levels of the building. This work, which lasted 4 years, concerned both the emergency lighting and the updating of the sound equipment.

Emergency lighting concept

The emergency lighting system for this compliance is based on the reuse of 4 existing energy cabinets and the installation of 9 new ones. They are arranged according to the needs on the different floors. Approximately 170 lighting fixtures were installed along the corridors. As soon as it was possible, the existing installations were connected to the emergency network. The entire system is connected to a central control unit, which continuously monitors the status of all installations.
At the beginning of this project in 2010, the current LED technology was not yet unanimously accepted, which is why the majority of the installations are equipped with fluorescent lighting, a process that is no longer used today.

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