EMS Foyer Ste-Marguerite – Vuisternens-devant-Romont

Type of building:
Medical and Social Establishment (EMS)
St. Margaret's Home parish hospice
Route de Villariaz 26, Vuisternens-devant-Romont
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

This project is the result of an architectural competition won by the LRS firm. It includes two psycho-geriatric units as well as two care units. With its twisted morphology, parallel to the surrounding landscape axes, this building allows the surrounding territory to be contemplated and offers a great spatiality of the circulations and the living rooms.
This nursing home, which is part of the Réseau Santé de la Glâne (RSG), is intended to be multi-site with Siviriez and Billens. . It includes 60 individual rooms divided into 2 care units and 24 rooms, reserved for psycho-geriatrics, also subdivided into 2 units. The collective laundry on site serves the three nursing homes of the RSG.

Emergency lighting concept

3000 VA inverter dedicated to emergency lighting, including nearly 200 low-power LED lights on two levels, thanks to the floor relays deported to the upper levels to reduce installation costs. The chosen spotlights are recessed and the marking is done with flags in the «patient» areas. The spotlights and emergency lights are visible in the laboratory and technical areas. This choice of equipment allows small powers to be connected to a single energy cabinet. Remote floor relays reduce the amount of wiring between floors.

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