Hôpital de la Tour – Meyrin

Type of building:
Hospital Center
La Tour Réseau de Soins SA
Avenue J.-D.-Maillard 3, 1217 Meyrin
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

The Hôpital de la Tour, the first medical facility to be opened on the right bank of Geneva, was designed by architect Fausto Ambrosetti. The three-pointed star building was modified to better meet the needs of hospital staff and patients.

Recently, the hospital's surface was doubled to accommodate several medical assignments such as specialized surgeries, offices for specialists in sports medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and osteopathy, as well as several common areas and nearly two hundred parking spaces.

Finally, the building is Minergie certified and meets the HPE (high energy performance) standard with renewable energy supply.

Emergency lighting concept

In order to meet the specific needs of the building, due in particular to the multitude of fire zones present, the choice was made for a mixed concept between autonomous lighting and energy cabinet.

The concept is largely based on control units (CG5000) for monitoring and controlling stand-alone emergency and lighting fixtures equipped with a BUS module.

Four energy cabinets (APG600) are designed to supply emergency power to a set of luminaires positioned around the exterior.

Finally, there are three smoke control units that control the opening and closing of smoke and heat vents in case of fire or controlled natural ventilation.

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