IEPA La Forêt – Genève

Type of building:
Senior citizens' residence (IEPA)
René and Kate Block Foundation (FRKB)
Route de Meyrin 16-18, 1202 Geneva
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

Located on the route de Meyrin, the IEPA La Forêt is in the Vieusseux district, a stone's throw from shops and public transport. Moreover, its proximity to greenery offers an ideal location for the 91 apartments, each with 3 rooms, which are available to accommodate senior citizens . Built on 9 levels with a parking lot in the basement, the building has a first floor specially designed for its residents There is a cafeteria, a small kitchen, a library, a hairdresser and other essential services for a pleasant senior life. The architect's absolute mission was to avoid a sinister atmosphere at all costs. Therefore, he designed a central corridor with a lot of natural light and put some touches of color to bring cheerfulness to the building.

Emergency lighting concept

The emergency lighting system for this building is based on the use of spotlights and luminaires that operate autonomously in permanent emergency mode. This means that they work like ordinary lights but, in case of a power cut, a battery placed inside takes over. In addition, they are connected to a central management unit, a sort of computer that communicates with all the installations to check their good working order and also acts as a switch.
All our installed lights use LED technology. This technology allows us to offer long life and low energy consumption installations, in line with the expectations of our time and the desire to provide environmentally friendly products.

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