Atelier CFF “ARBEC” – Yverdon

Type of building:
Atelier de révision CFF
Swiss Federal Railways SBB Real Estate
Quai des Ateliers, Yverdon
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

The Ateliers Industriels have existed since 1855 in Yverdon. Following the transfer of the freight car maintenance activities from the site to the one in Bellinzona, the SBB decided in 2003, in order to enhance the value of the site and its know-how, to reallocate it to the overhaul of passenger trains, within the framework of RAIL 2000. This is how the ARBEC project by architect Alex Brog came about, a project that includes the rehabilitation and extension of the existing halls for a total built area of 11,660 m2.
The south hall was demolished and replaced by a new metal structure housing a track equipped with hydraulic jacks that allow a complete passenger train to be lifted without separating the cars.

Emergency lighting concept

The emergency lighting concept for this industrial hall is based on the installation of 6 energy cabinets with more than 300 luminaires. The advantages of using energy cabinets in this project are, among others, that emergency lighting can be provided by using part of the client's own luminaires, supplemented by waterproof luminaires and marker lights.
It is also a particularly cost-effective maintenance solution for an emergency lighting installation of this size.
The luminaires installed in this structure were chosen to provide the best visibility in an industrial environment with great heights.

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