Primary school of Leysin – Leysin

Type of building:
Municipality of Leysin
Route des Centres sportifs 2, 1854 Leysin
Year (s) of the works:

Presentation of the building

The primary school in Leysin is the first positive energy public school building in French-speaking Switzerland. To achieve this result, several techniques were used, including the installation of photovoltaic facades on the annex building, which houses a gym and the refectory. A double-flow ventilation system with a 75% recovery rate was also installed. The main building, built on three levels, contains fifteen classrooms, a library and various rooms. Wood is the main material of the construction. The facades, structure, roof and false ceilings are made of it. The floors are made of a hybrid wood-concrete concept that promotes acoustic comfort and is thermally efficient. Approximately 240 students are fortunate to be able to study in this place that advocates sustainable development and respect for nature.

Emergency lighting concept

The emergency lighting system is based on the use of an energy cabinet located in the basement. In the event of a power failure, it provides backup for 130 devices located throughout the stairwells, the building floors, the gym and the dining hall. Wall and surface mounted spotlights and marker flags were installed. We also modified some of the contractor's fixtures to add an emergency function. All of our fixtures use LED technology. This allows us to offer long life and low energy consumption installations, in line with the expectations of our time and the desire to provide environmentally friendly products.

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